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Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Smoothie of Orange, Sweet Potato and Tomato for Prevention and Treatment of Shingles

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Imaging of long term intake of delicious smoothies loved by many with the power of reduced risk and treatment of chronic illness with no one mentions about.  Epidemiological studies with strong evidences suggested that blueberry oral administration hold a potential with therapeutic values for reduced risk of women who carry the mutation gene and treatment of breast cancer(*).

The curable smoothies are collection of recipes produced from natural sources, including organic fruits and vegetables, and some herbs which have been proven effectively for reduced risk and treatment for diseases and syndromes by scientific research of clinical trials and/or studies.

The finding of foods from natural sources has been a dream of scientists and scholars since ancient time. Socrates Said," Let foods be your medicine and let medicine be your foods". Let all of us all exercise the values of the past wisdom to build a letter living and living health while enjoining these delicious drinks.

The smoothie for Prevention of the Early Onset and Treatment of shingles
Yield: 2 servings (about 8 ounces each)
1/2 cup orange
1/2 cup sweet potato
1/2 tomato
1 cup rice milk

1. Place all ingredients in a blender and puree about 1 minute
2. Blend on high speed about 1 minute or until the mixture is thick and the ice is well crushed. Add more green tea drink if needed
3. Serve immediately

Recent studies by some renowned institutions suggested that orange(1), sweet potato(3) and tomato(5) may be the next generation of ingredient extracted from natural sources for reduced risk and treatment of shingles.

Shingles also known as herpes zoster or zona is defined as a viral disease with condition of a painful, blistering skin rash on one side of the body. Vitamin C, also known as L-ascorbate is a water soluble vitamin with a chemical structure formula of C6H6O6  found abundantly in orange may be effect for prevention and treatment of shingles.  According to the Heart-Jesus Hospital, Dernbach, intravenously administered ascorbic acid may have beneficial effects on herpes zoster-associated pain(1).

Dr. Schencking M and Dr. Kraft K. in the study of vitamin C against shingles suggested, combination of Cantharidin patches and intravenous administration of vitamin C is the best concomitant treatment of herpes zoster(2).

Vitamin E, found abundantly in sweet potato also exhibited anti human papillomavirus and herpes infections effect through decreased viral load and increased antiviral cytokine and peroxynitrite plasma levels(3).
According to the, vitamin E in the form of d, alpha-tocopherol acetate, in dose of 400 IU, 4 times a day, may be a highly effective therapy for patients with herpes zoster or zona(4).

Vitamin A, a bi-polar molecule formed by bonds between carbon and hydrogen and fat soluble vitamin, found abundantly in tomato is associated to patient with herpes zoster infections. Accoridng to the Wake Forest University School of Medicine, acute reductions in concentrations of plasma retinol (vitamin A) in patient with shingle may be related to existence of herpes zoster infection in recipients(5).

Taking altogether, The combination of Orange, Sweet Potato and Tomato may offer the potential effect not only in prevention of the onset and treatment of  shingles
 People with increased risk of shingles are wise to drink at least one serving daily. People with  shingles, should drink the juice as much as they can, depending to the toleration of digestive system.

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