Get Pregnant Naturally

Get Pregnant Naturally
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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Sweet potato salad

Posted by Chantel Martiromo
Recipes attributed to Company Coming salad by Jean Pare

Now this really is different. Go ahead and try it.
Cooking oil  2tbsp.,  30 mL
Pineapple juice  2 tbsp., 30mL
Lemon juice  1 tbsp., 15 mL
Salt        2tsp., 2 mL
Onion salt    1/4 tsp., 1 mL
Cooked sweet potatoes, cubed  3 cups, 700 mL
Pineapple tidbits, strained  14 Oz., 398 mL
Chopped celery  3/4 cups, 175 mL
Chopped celery  3/4 cups, 175 mL
Silvered almonds         1/4 cup, 50 mL
Combined cooking oil, pineapple and lemon juice in bowl. Add salt and onion salt. Stir. Add potatoes. Stir and allow to marinate about 1 hour.
Add pineapple, celery and almonds. Toss slightly. Makes 10 servings.
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