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Get Pregnant Naturally
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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The real Banana salad

Posted by Chantel Martiromo
Recipes attributed to Company Coming salad by Jean Pare

Bring the tropical to the table. The kids love it.
Banana  3
Finely chopped walnuts or pecans lettuce leaves 1/2 cup, 125 mL
Whipped cream ( or 1/4 envelope topping) 1/4 cup, 50 mL
Salad dressing ( or mayonnaise) 1/4 cup,  50 mL
Cut banana in half crosswise, then in half lengthwise. Dip each piece in lemon juice. Roll in walnuts and arrange on lettuce leaves. This can be done on one large plate or on individual small plates.
Whip cream until stiff. Mix in salad dressing. Spoon over bananas. Serve 6.
Variation: Omit walnuts. Roll in toasted coconut.

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