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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Phytochemical Betanin, the Potential Anti Liver Cancer Bioactive Compound

Liver cancer is a medical and chronic condition characterized by uncontrollable and disordered cell growth in the liver tissues.

Most cases of liver cancer is a result of liver cell DNA altercation started in the cell on the surface of the inner lining of the tissue of the liver.

At the early stage, most patients with primary liver cancer are asymptomatic due to the small size of the tumor.

According to the epidemiological studies, at the advanced stage, liver cancer can lead to secondary metastasis by spreading to breast, colon, bladder, kidney, ovary, pancreas, stomach, uterus, and lungs through the circulation of fluids and blood.

The American Cancer Society's in the estimation of the primary liver cancer and intrahepatic bile duct cancer in the United States for 2019 wrote, "About 42,030 new cases (29,480 in men and 12,550 in women) will be diagnosed. About 31,780 people (21,600 men and 10,180 women) will die of these cancers".

The exact causes of liver cancer are not identified. However, worldwide, the most common risk factor for liver cancer is chronic (long-term) infection with hepatitis B virus (HBV) or hepatitis C virus (HCV).

However, some researchers suggested compared to other hepatitis infection, the hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection is one of the major causes of liver cancer.

Dr. Luis Jesuino de Oliveria Andrade, the lead scientist wrote, " Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is the fifth most common cancer, the third most common cause for cancer death in the world, a major cause of death in patients with chronic hepatitis C virus infection, and responsible for approximately one million deaths each year".

And, " Overwhelming lines of epidemiological evidence have indicated that persistent infection with hepatitis C virus (HCV) is a major risk for the development of HCC. The incidence of HCC is expected to increase in the next two decades, largely due to hepatitis C infection and secondary cirrhosis, and detection of HCC at an early stage is critical for a favorable clinical outcome".

In other words, if you are HCV carrier, your risk of liver cancer increased substantially compared to people who are not.

Betanin is phytochemicals in the class of red and yellow indole-derived pigments of Betacyanins, belonging to the group of Betalains, found abundantly in beets, chard, etc.

With an aim to find a natural compound for the treatment of liver cancer, researchers examined the extract of Beta vulgaris (beetroot), commercially also known as betanin chemopreventive potentials in three different chemical carcinogen initiation-promotion experimental tumor models in mice.

In the two-stage model of liver cancer in mice induced by N-nitrosodiethylamine (DEN, 30 mg/kg) as the initiator and phenobarbital as the promoter, researchers found that oral administration of 0.0025% betanin showed significant inhibition of both the incidence and multiplicity of the liver tumors.

In other words, betanin inhibited the initiation and proliferation of liver cancer cells.

Surprisingly, betanin processed a strong cancer chemopreventive effect a very low dose, compared to other herbal and phytochemical medicine.

By comparing to both in vitro Epstein-Barr early antigen activation assay and in an in vivo two-stage mouse lung and skin carcinogenesis, Dr. the leads scientist said, "These findings along with our initial reports suggest that betanin which is a regularly consumed natural product colorant is an effective cancer chemopreventive agent in mice".

Taken altogether, betanin may be considered supplements for the prevention and treatment of liver cancer, pending to the confirmation of larger sample size and multicenter human study.

Intake of betanin in the form of supplement should be taken with extreme care to prevent overdose acute liver toxicity.

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