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Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Yoga Intervention Can Alleviate Pain and Treat Rheumatic Diseases, Researchers Suggest

Yoga intervention may have a profound effect to alleviate pain and treat rheumatic diseases, some studies suggested.

Rheumatic diseases are a condition of Musculoskeletal disorders, affecting the joints and muscles.

Yoga, the accident technique practice for harmonized external and internal body well being, through breath control, meditation, bodily movement, and gesture..... has been best known for people in the Western world and some parts in Asia.

In a study to compare the effect of Tai Chi and yoga therapies in treatments for rheumatologic and musculoskeletal diseases, researchers filed the following report
* Both therapy displays a significant effect of Tai Chi and yoga in the management of rheumatologic diseases, particularly in osteoarthritis of the knee, hip and hand, and rheumatoid arthritis pain.

* Tai Chi and yoga are safe, expressed a reduction of pain and improvement of physical function and quality of life in patients with rheumatic diseases.

By the information collected, Uhlig T, the led authors said, "Recommendations for Tai Chi in knee osteoarthritis have recently been issued by the American College of Rheumatology. To allow broader recommendations for the use of Tai Chi and yoga in rheumatic diseases".

The study from McGill University, Montreal suggested that yoga lessons not only improve stress and anxiety and promote a sense of calmness, general well-being, and quality of life but also reduced inflammatory mediators including C-reactive protein and interleukin-6 in overexpression pain in participants with rheumatic disease.

Truly, regular yoga practice can increase muscle strength and endurance, proprioception, the sense equilibrium, and balance, depending on the notion of force and balance, with emphasis on movement through a full range of motion to increase flexibility and mobility, thus reducing physical symptoms in patients with rheumatic diseases.

Some researchers suggested that regular yoga practice
* can improve stress management and can have a feedback effect on improving chronic pain, through affecting the response to pain, decreasing the level of perceived suffering.

* can improve the movement of joints, as motion and muscle stretching can decrease the intensity of pain or relieve your pain completely in some patients.

Furthermore, yoga breathing and medication also were found to reduce chronic pain through calming the nervous system to block respond to pain messages, reduce inflammatory chemicals from communicating with nerves and increase the release of natural pain-relieving chemicals called endorphins.

However, in the review of randomized controlled trials (RCTs) by comparing yoga with control interventions in patients with rheumatic diseases by searching database of Medline/PubMed, Scopus, the Cochrane Library and IndMED through February 2013, eight RCTs selected met the guideline with a total of 559 subjects with two RCTs with a low risk of bias, researchers found that all studies expressed a very low evidence for effects on pain and disability, in patients with rheumatic diseases participated in yoga classes, long and short terms.

Taking all together, yoga practice may have a profound effect to alleviate pain and treat rheumatic diseases, however, larger randomized controlled trials. are necessary to reaffirm these possibilities

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